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How To Find Deals And Steals On Amazon


Amazon is the largest online shopping website internationally. Just like most retail stores, it offers random good deals to promote its loyal buyers at times. Very few times will it publicly declare these deals to avoid flocking of buyers? However, options have come up besides the jungle deals and steals which mainly deals with amazon products. All the other sites look for all the good deals running online and tip buyers. The best thing about deals and steals is the fact that you can get big discounts and offers on items. Here is how to find deals and steals on amazon.


Shop for goods on special offer.

Special offer could be a buy one get one free deal from Jungle Deals and Steals, often on the smaller items. Before you add an item to your cart, scroll to see if there is a tag that says it's eligible for special offer. Sometimes you might have to scroll more to find it.


Go through the today's deals.

This may seem obvious, but most people forget to check. The moment you sign into Amazon, the 'Today's Deals' tab is at the top of the page, to the right of the Amazon logo. Click this to open up good deals going down on different items, complete with the leads of the stores to get them from.


Subscribe & Save option.

This is an option on Amazon. If you order a regular item from this group, Amazon ships it to you at a 5% discount. To confirm if an item qualifies for this, you'll see that option in the blue box in the right-hand margin of the order page, right below the regular order option. When you join amazon special groups and become a regular shopper, the discounts get even bigger.


Look out for the 7-Day Price Guarantee.

This means if you purchase an item on Amazon at a given price then this price reduces within 7 days of purchase, you can actually contact Amazon and have the amount above the current pricing refunded. This is not given on all items, so while cruising the site for shopping, look out for guaranteed items.


More buying choices tab.

This one is often overlooked by most people. The 'more buying choices' is usually an opportunity to order the same item through sellers other than amazon. Other stores get this promotional deals through amazon on terms agreed between the two companies.


If you want to read more ways on how to find deals and steals on Amazon, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JicVGYDkNx0.


The next time you go shopping on Amazon, have enough time to make sure you go through all these given tips to get the best Jungle Deals and Steals.